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Medicine Drum Workshops

Create your own Shamanic Medicine Drum in Perth

I am here to guide you step by step through the ancient art of crafting a medicine drum that’s as unique as you​!

Kathryn is showing a client how to make a medicine drum out of deer hide.

What's included

You’ll get:


You'll also receive...

An exclusive Medicine Drum care pack

What you'll need

Whilst everything is supplied and you don’t need to bring a thing, you are welcome to bring any feathers, crystals, shells, or any other meaningful treasures you’d like to adorn your drum. Ideally, these items should have holes for threading or be small enough for gluing.

Craft your unique rhythm with a choice between
Kangaroo and Deer Medicine drums
in varying sizes.

In this workshop, you will learn...

Structure of the day(ish)

Kat from Blind Kat Creatove pointing to crystal beads while they are selecting what to add to their drum

This transformative workshop is perfect for:

Kathryn Chivers from Blind Kat Creative rests her head on her shamanic medicine drum while sitting in nature. she looks peaceful and happy.

Why I'm your trusted guide for this workshop

I’ve worn many hats over the years – drum maker, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, sound facilitator, and meditation teacher.
With these tools, I’ve led workshops, classes, retreats and online sessions.

For the past half-decade, my mission has been simple: to bring women back into their bodies, soothe their racing minds, and calm their heightened nerves.

These days, I’m on a journey to empower women, helping them uncover and express their true selves  so they can live a life they truly love. 

THANK YOU for being here. 
I can’t wait to see your beautiful face at an upcoming workshop! 

“I have created a nurturing environment and guided many women through the art of crafting their own drums, regardless of their physical ability or prior experience in drumming, weaving, or crafting”

Public Workshops

Discover the rhythm within you on the first Saturday of each month.

16-inch $550
16-inch $650
18-inch $700
20-inch $750

Private Workshops

Choose a Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday that resonates with you.

16-inch $750
16-inch $850
18-inch $900
20-inch $950
Dye Hide (single colour)
add $100

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What people are saying

What people are saying

Best day

Had just the best day drum making. Kat is fun, informative and welcoming. Spent the day with amazing ladies, learning, growing, laughing. So worth it on many levels.
~ Sharon

Amazing drum making workshop

Amazing drum making workshop. Kat is an amazing human and excellent teacher. A beautiful relaxing work shop in a tranquil space with only a small group for that personal touch. I love my drum and can’t wait for my next workshop with Kat.
~ Kerryann

100% recommend

I loved Kat’s drum making workshop. She is super hands on, explains everything fully and helps you out when you get frustrated + you’ll feel very welcomed if you decide to go to the workshop by yourself. 100% recommend her workshops and her day retreats, you won’t regret making that time for yourself.
~ Laura

Love & pure intention

I am IN LOVE with my new drum! I got in touch with Kat to create a custom drum. Kat was extremely attentive and heard my vision and implemented it in an outstanding way. She went above and beyond to fit the needs of my drum, filling it with Love and pure intention! the quality and sound of my drum is like none other. I felt the vibration of the drum deep in my heart when the drum and I connected. Kat kept me informed the entire making of the drum! Kat has been a dream to work with and I could not be happier with the result and our interaction! I have proudly shown my drum off to everyone who wants to know about it and am recommending her work to everyone!
~ Jaimie

Fantastic time

“Beautiful “day at Blind Kat Creative Drum workshop, had such a fantastic time making my first drum and Kat is so lovely and down to earth. Kat is very skillful and very compassionate about her drums.”
~ Julie Hoyland

Meditative and rewarding

Kat was welcoming and genuine, supportive and encouraging. I attended a drum making workshop and we began with a cleansing exercise and some drum playing which was awesome and cleansing in itself. Kat helped me drop into my body again during the day, and the drum making process itself was meditative and rewarding.
~ Alice Wood

Loved the whole day

Was blessed to spend the day with the most beautiful, creative and giving person – Kat.
Myself and three other lovely ladies did the medicine drum making workshop. And it was awesome. I loved the whole day and the drum making process from start to completion so much ! It fed my soul, my inner artist and crafter, musician and love of nature. Kat is a gem and is so natural, warm and generous.

Wonderful & unique experience

A wonderful and unique experience. Kat was a brilliant facilitator and I would definitely do another of her workshops.

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