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Handmade Mallets


Crafted with precision, our custom-designed mallets strike the perfect balance between firmness at the core and a gentle exterior. They’re expertly handmade to deliver deep resonance without any unwanted ‘slapping’ noise when playing your drum.


Elevate your drumming experience with our custom-designed, handcrafted mallet.

Crafted with care, each mallet is a unique work of art, made from upcycled timber and polyester. Please note that the length of the handle and the colour of the head may vary slightly from the photographs due to the nature of the materials used.

Additional information


Handle: 25cm long, 2cm diameter
Head: 7cm long, 6cm diameter
Handle and head: 32cm long


Wood (upcycled timber), cream-coloured polyester blend

Storage instructions

We recommend storing in a clean, dry, safe and special place. Do not leave your mallet in the sun, in a hot car, or in any other extreme temperature setting for long periods of time.
To clean: use a soft shoe brush to brush gently around the mallet to lift the yarn, and then use a lint roller to pick up dirt.
Do not lay your mallet on the floor; by doing so, the player transfers dirt and debris to the instrument.

handmade mallets
Handmade Mallets