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Protected – Shamanic Rattle


Embrace the dynamic energy of our Shamanic Rattle, featuring a kangaroo raw hide head infused with the grounding essence of tourmaline chips. Meticulously machine-sewn with durable cotton thread, the head embodies a harmonious blend of strength and resilience, ensuring lasting resonance and vitality.

The pine handle, expertly painted with care in Annie Sloan’s toxin-free chalk paint, exudes a warm earthy blue hue, capturing the soothing embrace of the sky and sea. Enhanced with a protective layer of lacquer, this rattle’s handle radiates a timeless charm and durability.

Thoughtfully joined with a seamless fusion of synthetic sinew and adhesive, the marriage of the head and handle is further elevated by the graceful presence of a guinea fowl feather. Engage with the rhythmic power of this Shamanic Rattle, where every shake invites a symphony of balance and connection, enveloping you in the embrace of nature’s harmonious embrace.

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At Blind Kat Creative, crafting our drums and rattles is a sacred journey, guided by love and respect for nature and spirit. Each drum, consciously handmade by Kat, is born in a cleansed and sacred space. During this profound process, we extend gratitude and honour to the animals, wood, and the future player. It’s a harmonious dance of reverence that infuses each drum and rattle with a unique soul.
Please note that since we use natural materials, such as hides, feathers, and crystals, every instrument is one-of-a-kind. This means that the patterning may vary slightly from the photographs, making your drum or rattle as unique as you are.

Mallets are available separately to enhance your drumming experience.

A quick note of caution: We cherish the safety of all, so please don’t leave children unattended with our drums, as small items could become loose during play.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 7 cm

Top of head to bottom of handle: 30cm
Top of head to bottom of head: 8cm
Top of handle to bottom of handle: 22cm
Width of head: 6.5cm
With of handle: 1cm


Raw kangaroo hide, pine handle, Annie Sloan toxin-free chalk paint and lacquer, artificial sinew, glue, natural guinea fowl feather, tourmaline crystal chips, cotton thread.

Storage instructions

We recommend storing in a clean, dry, safe and special place. Do not leave your rattle in the sun, in a hot car, or in any other extreme temperature setting for long periods of time.

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Protected – Shamanic Rattle