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Custom Made Medicine Drum

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Indulge in the luxury of a custom-made medicine drum tailored specifically to your desires with Blind Kat Creative’s bespoke drum service.
Dive into the enchanting world of custom-made medicine drums, where each creation is a harmonious fusion of your intentions and the spiritual messages from the animal and tree spirits. Combining your unique vision with nature’s wisdom, we’ll infuse these powerful messages into your drum using colour, crystals, feathers, and more.
With potential themes like elements, love, vitality, power, and more, your drum will embody the essence of your being. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to craft and birth something truly magical. Let’s weave your intentions into every fibre of your custom drum and create a sacred instrument that resonates with your spirit.
Reach out today to begin your custom drumming journey with Blind Kat Creative.


Each drum is handmade by Kat in a cleansed and sacred space with spirit. The animal, wood, and (future) player are thanked and honoured during the process. 

Every instrument is made with natural unique products; therefore, the patterning of the hide, feathers and crystals may differ slightly from the photographs.

Your drum’s skin will tighten or soften depending on the amount of moisture in the air. Little moisture makes for a dry and tinny sound, while a damp environment can make a dull sound. 

Too dry? Rub a splash of clean water into the skin. 

Too wet? Leave your drum near (not too near) a heater, fire, or in mild sunshine for a short while. 

Storing your drum in a cotton bag or piece of material may help to retain a neutral moisture level. 

Mallets are sold separately.

CAUTION: Do not leave children unattended with drums, as small items may become loose.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Hide Type

Kangaroo, Deer


16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch

Hoop colour

White, Cream, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Black, No colour, natural

Sinew colour:

Black, White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue, Green

Decorative sinew colour

Magenta, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, White

Storage instructions

We recommend storing in a clean, dry, safe and special place. Do not leave your drum in the sun, in a hot car, or in any other extreme temperature setting for long periods of time. Store face-up, never face-down.


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custom made medicine drum
Custom Made Medicine Drum