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I am you You are me

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18-inch Deer & Willow Medicine Drum

Explore the 18-inch Deer Medicine Drum—an embodiment of natural grace. Crafted with a deer hide, an 18-inch willow hoop, and earthy-coloured, gold-highlighted threading, it features a white cockatoo feather, selenite, and an ostrich feather. Handwritten affirmation: “I am you You are me.”

From the creator, Kat:
“When I journeyed to the animal spirit of this drum, the message was immediate but very peaceful, soft, and clear. She simply spoke, “I am you, and you are me”, and I instantly felt full of unconditional love. I felt I truly belonged here in this universe; nothing could ever change that.
This ancient wisdom from the deer coincides with scientific evidence that we are all intrinsically entangled with one another, and 95% of everything alive is pure energy.
So, I put a feather on the inside of the hoop and on the weaving sinew on the outside to show that even though they are in different places of the drum, they are still one and the same. I also added a piece of selenite to keep the energy clean and vibrant to protect the future player (true custodian) of the drum.”

In stock


At Blind Kat Creative, crafting our drums is a sacred journey, guided by love and respect for nature and the spirit. Each drum, consciously handmade by Kat, is born in a cleansed and sacred space. During this profound process, we extend gratitude and honour to the animals, wood, and the future player. It’s a harmonious dance of reverence that infuses each drum with a unique soul.
Please note that since we use natural materials, such as hides, feathers, and crystals, every instrument is one-of-a-kind. This means that the patterning may vary slightly from the photographs, making your drum as unique as you are.

Mallets are available separately to enhance your drumming experience.

A quick note of caution: We cherish the safety of all, so please don’t leave children unattended with our drums, as small items could become loose during play.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 21 cm

18 inches/45.72cm diameter, 7cm wide


Willow hoop, Fallow Deer rawhide, braided and flat synthetic sinew, white cockatoo feather, natural ostrich feather, gold guiding wax, selenite crystal.

Storage instructions

We recommend storing in a clean, dry, safe and special place. Do not leave your drum in the sun, in a hot car, or in any other extreme temperature setting for long periods of time. Store face-up, never face-down.

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I am you You are me