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Higher Healing Shamanic Rattle


Deer hide with Amethyst and Sunstone chips

Elevate your spiritual practice with our Higher Healing Shamanic Rattle, meticulously crafted from deer hide and dyed in a deep, rich purple. The rattle’s head is filled with a harmonious blend of amethyst and sunstone chips, infusing each shake with potent healing energy.
This rattle exudes elegance and purpose. It is bound with purple sinew and finished with gold thread, known as the healing thread for its ancient associations with renewal and vitality.

Adorned with two electroplated lavastone crystals, two purple Swarovski crystals, one amethyst bead, and a graceful pheasant feather, every element is thoughtfully chosen to enhance your spiritual journey.

Embrace the higher healing vibrations and transformative power with Blind Kat Creative.

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At Blind Kat Creative, crafting our drums and rattles is a sacred journey guided by love and respect for nature and spirit. Each creation, consciously handmade by Kat, is born in a cleansed and sacred space. During this profound process, we extend gratitude and honour to the animals, wood, and the future player. It’s a harmonious dance of reverence that infuses each creation with a unique soul.
Since we use natural materials, such as hides, feathers, and crystals, every instrument is unique. This means that the patterning may vary slightly from the photographs, making your drum and rattle as unique as you are.

A quick note of caution: We cherish the safety of all, so please don’t leave children unattended with our drums, as small items could become loose during play.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

Top of head to bottom of handle: 38cm
Top of head to bottom of head: 12cm
Top of handle to bottom of handle: 26cm
Width of head: 10m
With of handle: 2cm


Raw deer hide, purple Rit dye, wooden stick handle sanded and oiled with orange oil, amethyst and sunstone chips (inside head), glue, artificial sinew, pheasant feather, one amethyst crystals, two electroplated lavastone crystals, two Swarovski crystals.

Storage instructions

We recommend storing in a clean, dry, safe and special place. Do not leave your rattle in the sun, in a hot car, or in any other extreme temperature setting for long periods of time.


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higher healing shamanic rattle
Higher Healing Shamanic Rattle